These are the issues that Whitney and Buzz hear are of most concern to Montanans, and their commitment to tackling them.

Responding to COVID-19

Economic recovery following a pandemic must be a top priority and will need a leader with bold vision, and someone who can attract investment into our state. Whitney is that leader. Stay tuned as she develops a roadmap to recovery.

Health Care & Prescription Drugs

Now more than ever, Montanans understand the importance of our frontline healthcare workers and providers. As we continue to work together to fight COVID-19, we must recommit to supporting these heroes and strengthening our health infrastructure.

Unfortunately, even during this crisis, health insurance companies and Big Pharma continue to take advantage of Montana families while politicians in D.C. are sitting on the sidelines. Our families cannot afford inaction. We need bold leadership now to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Montanans.

  • Whitney and Buzz would work to cap insulin prices. Montana has more than 96,000 Montanans with diabetes.
  • They’d join states already leading the way on this issue, allowing prescription drugs to be imported from Canada, and those savings will be passed along to working families.
  • Bolster community mental health services, reversing the devasting impact of the 2017 budget cuts
  • Protect Medicaid expansion against any threats or rollbacks
  • Add much-needed transparency to medical and pharmaceutical billing
  • Build community supports that allow Montana seniors to age with dignity in their own homes and communities

During this COVID-19 pandemic, Montanans have been reminded of the incredible importance of our healthcare system. Whitney and Buzz will invest in our rural health clinics, strengthen our capacity for telemedicine, attract and retain healthcare workers and use every tool available to hold insurance companies and Big Pharma accountable to the citizens of Montana.

Public Lands

Public lands belong to all of us. We all have equal access to them. And Whitney and Buzz will make sure that under their watch, public lands stay in public hands, plain and simple.

Our outdoor economy creates over 70,000 jobs and $7 billion of economic spending in Montana, and they will protect and enhance that industry.

And protecting lands from sell-off is not enough: Whitney and Buzz will prioritize opening up the over 3 million acres of state and federal land that belongs to all of us but is landlocked behind private land in Montana.

Women and Families

Whitney comes from six generations of women in Butte and Jefferson City. Their grit was handed down like an heirloom. But her mom, Carol, is her greatest teacher. Carol has shown Whitney the unstoppable powers of perseverance, hard work, and service to others.

Whitney and Buzz will fight tirelessly to ensure that all Montanans have access to economic security and equality in the workplace—it is unacceptable that women in Montana still earn just 77% of what men earn, placing Montana in the bottom 10 of all states, a statistic that has devastating consequences for women and their families well into retirement.

Whitney and Buzz will partner with law enforcement, protective services, and victim advocates to ensure that all Montanans are safe from violence.

And Whitney and Buzz will vigorously defend a woman’s right to choose and to meaningful access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare.


Whitney and Buzz understand that education is what levels the playing field in our country, but only works if access to quality education is equal for all.

Whitney and Buzz are committed to investing in and bolstering our education system –and will not allow public funds to be used on private education.

Whitney and Buzz will make Pre-K — early childhood education — available to every kid in this state. It’s the right thing to do for our kids and families.

Today, as kids learn from home all over the state, Montanans are realizing the importance of access to high-speed, affordable Internet for everyone. Whitney and Buzz will work to get broadband to rural Montana. And they’ll work to find sustainable funding for the backlog of hi-tech maintenance in our local schools.

Whitney and Buzz will ensure every Montanan has access to affordable education and training after high school, because our economy is rapidly changing. Not everyone needs a two- or four-year degree. But we must provide opportunities for workers to gain the skills they need to obtain higher wages and move up the career ladder.

Rural Montana and Agriculture

Montana is at a crossroads and is up against a new set of challenges that it wasn’t facing even just a couple of years ago. Whitney and Buzz are committed to keeping Montana Montana as we work together to navigate these changes.

Wealthy out of staters and corporate interests are trying to make Montana their personal playground and are taking advantage of our state.

Native Americans

Montana is home to seven Indian reservations and the federally recognized Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. Whitney and Buzz are committed to building meaningful partnerships, celebrating rich tribal culture and respecting sovereign rights.

Whitney and Buzz will work to create jobs in Indian Country, invest in broadband, and promote opportunities for young people to stay connected to their tribal communities.

They will work urgently to end health disparities that manifest in the following ways: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (and men), high rates of suicide and diabetes, and record-high substance abuse and mental health challenges.

And they are committed to equity across state government and will appoint qualified Native Americans to the governor’s staff, cabinet and throughout boards and commissions.

You can read more about their commitment to Indian Country here.

Climate Change and Environment

Montana is changing. We see it in milder winters, longer and more extreme wildfire seasons, and drier rivers in the summer. Buzz and his wife, Laurie, see it on their farm, with planting and harvesting times changing every year. It’s up to all of us to work together to be resilient to these changing conditions. And we must all work together to create a clean energy future for Montana.

Whitney and Buzz will tackle this tough work head-on, building on the Montana Climate Solutions Council’s work.

Whitney and Buzz also will invest in renewable energy, invest in the workers in Colstrip who helped build our state, and invest in our universities to help us find the solutions that will lead us into a Clean Energy future built by Montana workers.

And finally, Whitney and Buzz understand that our economy rests upon our clean air and clean water. They will defend against any attempts to undermine these assets.

Fiscal Policy

Whitney is the CEO of a successful international company. Buzz is the third generation to operate a successful farm. They understand the importance of sound fiscal policy.

Whitney and Buzz are committed to maintaining a balanced budget with a healthy rainy day fund. That’s how you weather tough times.

Whitney and Buzz are committed to a fair and equitable tax system. Higher property taxes are hurting Montana families—and if you’re renting, it’s next to impossible to find quality, affordable housing. That has to be fixed if we are going to keep Montana Montana.

Whitney and Buzz do not support a statewide sales tax and never will.


Whitney and Buzz are committed to listening to the voices and wisdom of seniors. By 2040, there will be more people aged 60 and over than there will be children – for the first time in history. As Montana ages, we need to change how we fund and deliver services — and even how we design our communities.

Seniors overwhelmingly want to stay in their homes as they grow older, because it is better for them for their families and it fosters intergenerational connections within a thriving community. It costs less than going to a nursing home. And in the end, it costs taxpayers less, too.

Whitney and Buzz will fight to protect seniors against fraud. Consumers lose billions of dollars each year to online, financial, and other types of fraud and older adults are often the targets. I will work very closely with the legislature, the Attorney General and the State Auditor – regardless of party – to ensure we come together to stop fraud because fraud against seniors is outrageous and reprehensible and must be stopped.

And finally, Whitney and Buzz are committed to driving down the frankly immoral prices of prescription drugs, by capping prices, supporting the reimportation of drugs from Canada, and taking big pharma to court, if necessary.