Williams: Public Health and Economic Health Go Hand in Hand

MAY 7, 2020 — RELEASE:

New Williams’ Plans Promote Health to Rebuild MT Economy and Create Jobs



Whitney Williams today released two new plans — one outlining ways to boost access to healthcare and another emphasizing controlling the coronavirus as the first step in rebuilding Montana’s economy, businesses, and jobs.

The new plans, Williams noted, have one thing in common: They emphasize that a healthy economy is dependent on Montanans feeling safe and healthy.

“Health and the economy go hand in hand,” Williams said. “As we continue to work together to fight COVID-19, we must recommit to supporting our healthcare providers and workers and strengthening our health infrastructure. More than our health is at stake. We know we can’t have a healthy economy without healthy families and healthy workers — and public officials who are willing to put the health of Montana over billion-dollar special interests.”

Williams said it will take a new generation of leadership and someone with business and government experience in rebuilding economies to help get Montana’s economy back on track coming out of this unprecedented pandemic.

Williams is a successful businesswoman who has worked around the world to create jobs and rebuild communities after crises. The new plans are available on her website. Williams noted that she has been reaching out to businesses, workers and economic development specialists around Montana to solicit their ideas on rebuilding our economy coming out of this crisis.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been reminded about the incredible importance of our healthcare system,” Williams said. “As governor, I’ll invest in our rural health clinics, strengthen our capacity for telemedicine, attract and retain healthcare workers and hold insurance companies accountable by ensuring they don’t raise rates after COVID-19.”

Williams said her healthcare plan highlights four major actions:

  • Lowering prescription drug costs for Montanans and taking on Big Pharma
  • Ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare, including fighting for price transparency, stopping “surprise” billing and strengthening our health infrastructure
  • Fixing Montana’s mental health-care crisis, which was made worse by devastating budget cuts in 2017 and the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Ensuring that Montanans have the option to age with dignity in their own homes and communities

Williams’ jobs, business and economic plan, dubbed Big Sky Bright Future, highlights four major actions:

  • Controlling the virus and being prepared for any resurgence to protect public health and safety — Safety First
  • Building a strong Recovery Team that represents all of Montana and capitalizes on  economic strengths and strengthens economic weaknesses
  • Capitalizing on all of our relationships and the Montana Ambassadors to serve as a voice for Montana in other states and tap the expertise of Montanans who are experts and leaders in national and global health and economic strategy to help us rebuild our economy and seize the future
  • Protecting Montana’s greatest assets: Our public lands, clean air, and clean rivers