Meet Whitney

Whitney Williams is a sixth generation Montanan and businesswoman. As CEO of williamsworks, Whitney worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, charities, and citizens to solve complex problems — just like those Montanans face every day. She’s helped folks get back on their feet after disaster strikes, opened new markets for farmers struggling to make ends meet, and served on the ground in communities abandoned by government all together.

She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and brought folks from all walks of life together to tackle the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, help law enforcement protect kids from sex trafficking, and make sure students all over the world get the education they deserve.

For every tough problem, Whitney’s brought folks together and found common ground to solve them.

Now, she’s running for Governor to do the same in the state her family homesteaded six generations ago. As Governor, Whitney will fight back against the constant threat to our public lands from Big Money and special interests. She’ll finally hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the price of prescription drugs, and she’ll defend the Montana we know and love against wealthy out-of-staters buying up land and cutting off access.

The daughter of Pat and Carol Williams — Montana’s longest serving Congressman and first female Senate Majority Leader, Whitney grew up knowing that being a Montanan was a privilege — but that it was up to every generation to fight for it.

Whitney is a graduate of the University of Montana in Political Science and Forestry and Native American studies.